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What Is Explore My Town?

Explore My Town is a national media company with a focus to bring attention to small business owners in the community through our local partners.

What We Do

 We position our partner experts in the community with a managed video and marketing strategy and automated technology.

Our Clients

Busy community centric professionals who command high visibility and have a passion for their community.

How we do it

We provide a concierge video production and marketing solution that builds influence and gets results, while promoting a Support Local philosophy. 

How you benefit

 You are consistently seen as a community leader in the eyes of the community and your sphere which gains attention and attention is the currency of social media. You become Local-Famous.

The Secret

  • Video Curation:  Collaborate with our concierge to create a script. You shoot. We edit.
  • Visibility: Your video is distributed through your exclusive Explore MyTown sites and network.
  • Vortex:  Our team handles the marketing and retargeting to ensure engagement and views.
  • ​Vocation: Weekly LIVE training, Online Course and private collaboration group.
  • Validation: You are consistently seen in the local spotlight which builds relationships and trust.

Exclusive Markets
Only One Agent Per Zip

Watch the demo video to learn more.

Built for Networking, Leverage and Sharing

Follow the Blue Print on how to build your Power Circle and leverage the platform to maximize 
YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS visibility as the "Local Community Experts"

  • Costs: Costs are split to make it affordable.
  • Content: Everyone contributes which reaches multiple audiences.
  • ​Connect: Network with business owners and community influencers.
  • ​Attract: People will want to be part of your energy and circle.
  • Promote: The community, restaurants and local business owners.
  • ​​Capitalize: As your status grows, so will your sales.
  • Charity: Help local charities with their missions using the platform.
  • Dominate: You will be seen as the local expert and attract more business.

Exclusive Markets.
Are You The One?

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